or how to do it all by 5 p.m.

A transformational 6-month live professional development group 

coaching program to help you to perform your tasks with more ease, flow, and joy. 



Learn how to manage all your work tasks with ease,

so that you can create more space and energy in your day 

to do the things you love. 


What is WORK-LIFE BALANCE program all about?

The work-life balance group coaching program is a 6-month, interactive live-based training program that teaches smart and effective time, task and stress management tools and strategies to busy employees and employers who want more ease, joy, and progress at work.

Whether you´re a small business owner, an overwhelmed employee at the big office or just an individual struggling with the high number of work tasks every day, this program will help you to create more balance in your personal and professional life. 

It´s designed to turn your workday into a force for good and create more time and energy to do the things you love. 

The program is created for everyone who wants to be in charge of their busy calendars, full mailboxes, and never-ending meetings.

Increase your work-life satisfaction and enjoy your free time doing the things you love.



Imagine showing up at your work Monday morning, confident and excited, knowing you have everything under control, the almost empty mailbox, the calendar that shows you have time for it all, the difficult conversation, that does not scare you any longer, and at the end of your workday, you know you did it and did it well, so 5 p.m. is your time for yourself and what matters to you the most. 


Are you:

Would you like to:

Meet your coach

Irma Valantinaite is an ambitious woman, with a strong mind and a will to succeed.

She holds a Bachelor´s Degree in International Sales and Marketing Management and a Master´s Degree in Business, Language and Culture with a specialization in International Sales Management. On top of that, Irma has a lot of knowledge from the hundreds of books she has read, seminars, and webinars that she participated in, as well as real life experiences.

She is a champion in career growth. Irma has progressed from picking strawberries on a farm, cleaning offices for many years while studying, working in a warehouse and teaching dance classes, to being IT and People Manager in an international company, to building her coaching practice.

She is an ambassador of the I-CAN-DO attitude. She is passionate about personal and professional development and is positively impacting her clients’ lives by helping them to enjoy their work, be good at it, and create space and energy to enjoy life. She has done so much in her career, but that is not all. She also managed to do a lot in her personal life (running a marathon, cycling all the way to Paris, winning dance competitions, finishing studies while working, and so much more.)

In her 10 years of corporate career, she kept hearing how people are overworking, constantly being tired, busy, exhausted, and never having time just to chill. But she always had time: to do the work and achieve her personal goals at the same time without being exhausted or stressed. 

So she decided to share her tricks and tips, knowledge and information in a hope that other corporate employees/busy individuals will benefit from it and will have a more balanced life. 

And this is how this program was born. From a wish to help others to have a better life and enjoy it during and after working hours. To help others to have a life bigger than just work. 

This program is for you if:

This program is not for you if:


What´s Included

You will learn how to be productive, not just busy. You will be provided tools and instructions on how to plan ahead and how to deal with changed plans in a strategic way. And of course so much more!

You will be introduced to the tools that will help you to organize your work tasks. You will be also provided with templates, that saves time. You will get strategies on how not to forget things when you have 100 tasks waiting for you. 

Let´s be honest. Sometimes work gets hard not because of the tasks, but of the difficult situations we get into or those conversations we do not want to but need to have. This is it! Here you will learn the secrets of how to handle those conversations in a fruitful manner. 

Tools and strategies are one thing, but they are not worth much if we do not work on our mindset. You can get all the tools and all the strategies, but if you do not do anything with them, then they are worth 0. Big fat zero. Therefore, in this program, you will learn a lot about your mind, how it works and how to use it to your advantage. 

How does work-life balance program work?

Work-life balance coaching sessions are done live every second Wednesday on a private Facebook group accessible only to program members. 

The recordings are then saved so you can watch them at the most suitable time for you or re-watch them later.

 All recordings will be available for you for the whole year. (Can be purchased after a year for lifetime access for an extra fee).

Together with the recording, you will receive PDF Workbook with assignments related to the discussed topic.

Furthermore, every second Wednesday you will also have a live Q&A session with Irma where you can ask all the questions related to the topics discussed in the previous modules. 

For more information on the Work-life balance program and to preview the curriculum, read about each module below.


Module 1 - Me, I and myself - it is all about our mindset

The module is about the necessary mindset shifts to set you up for success. 

Lesson 1: Mindset shifts to change the way you perceive productivity and time, your capabilities and opportunities. Exercises to uncover your limiting beliefs, your top values at work and personal life.

Lesson 2: Your life roles and goals. How they impact your productivity, mood, and self judgement. 

Lesson 3: Point A and point B. Where you are right now and what impacts your work life. Where do you want to be by the end of this course. 

Module 2 - How to do it all by 5... Almost every single time

This module is a Holy Grail of productivity, focus, efficiency, and planning. 

Lesson 1: I have enough time. Productivity, time management, distractions, procrastination, and many more tips. I am all about getting organized. 

Lesson 2: I plan my work week in the Outlook calendar. 

Lesson 3: All about templates and operating procedures.  

Module 3 - No more scary conversations, ineffective meetings or unfulfilled roles

This module guides you through the dark corners of the office making them a little bit lighter. 

Lesson 1: I run effective meetings. 

Lesson 2: I send great emails. 

Lesson 3: I can handle difficult conversations.

Lesson 4: I give and receive constructive feedback. I let go of the feedback that does not serve me. 

Lesson 5: I build prosperous relationships.

Module 4 - The bright future and other tricks

The module prepares you for the future and delivers on few more tips to live in harmony and balance. 

Lesson 1: I plan my future career and goals that are aligned with my values. How do I get to the next level in my career.

Lesson 2: I sustain my energy for all that matters to me. Sustainable energy, the happiness and battery charging list. Stress management.


Two special bonuses when you join & pay in full

BONUS #1 – PRIVATE 1 ON 1 SESSION (to the first 10 sign ups)


A dedicated 1 hour coaching session to help you with any challenge you might have related to your personal or professional life.

You can get my eyes on your CV, we can review your Outlook or read few of your mails. We can write some meeting invites or talk about your limiting beliefs. You come to me with your challenge and I will be there to help you to tackle it. 

*Needs to be used within 6 months from the moment of the booking this coaching program. 



A dedicated 2 hours online master class to help you plan out your year.

I will walk you through the steps I take when I plan my own year. 



BONUS #3 –DONE FOR YOU SERVICE (included in VIP package)


Do you want my eyes on your CV or LinkedIn profile? Do you want to practice interview skills? Or maybe set up your morning routine? You choose and I coach. 

*Needs to be used within 6 months from the moment of the booking this coaching program. 


It´s time to create a sustainable work-life balance

If you do nothing, you…

the program will run 04-12-2023 to 05-05-2024

The program is closed for sign-ups. It will be reopened later this year. If you want to sign up for the waiting list, send me your email with the text: Sign me up for the waiting list and add me to your emailing audience. Send email to: Benefit: Everyone on the waiting list will get 10% discount when joining the next round.

try this new program and see where it takes you


Only 8 VIP Spots available

6 months – Investment 987 euros

*if you have questions before booking, click “Apply now” to go to the application form, if you are all set and ready, click on the below payment options

**done for you service is something tangible you receive or the review of some of your work.

Choose from 3 Payment Options:

Option 1

987 euros for Group Coaching Program

– 1 hour Intensive 1:1 coaching session (for the first 10 joined)

– 2 Group Coaching Calls per month

– 2 Group Q&A sessions per month

– PDF workbook with tasks for each module

– Possibility to upgrade to VIP

-Facebook Community of like-minded people

-Access to all the content that comes after the live round 1 of the program






Option 2

367 euros x 3 payments

– 2 Group Coaching Calls per month

– 2 Group Q&A sessions per month

– PDF workbook with tasks for each module

– Possibility to upgrade to VIP

-Facebook Community of like-minded people

-Access to all the content that comes after the live round 1 of the program




Option 3

1897 euros VIP Track

– 6 Private Coaching Calls (1h each month)

– 2 Group Coaching Calls per month

– 2 Group Q&A sessions per month

– PDF workbook with tasks for each module

– WhatsApp support between sessions

– 1 Done for you Service (CV review, LinkedIn profile review, etc.)

– Facebook Community of like-minded people

– 20% off the next group coaching program you purchase (not VIP track)

-Access to all the content that comes after the live round 1 of the program

Have questions about coaching with Irma or want more flexible payment options?

Feel free to contact me at or book FREE 30 minutes discovery call to chat. I promise, it is worth your time.

Work-life balance Discovery Call


30 minutes session

Have questions?

Here are the answers…

It is both. You can buy group coaching or VIP track. VIP track is group program combined with 1:1. 

Yes, you can. You can book as many sessions as you feel you need. For that you need to reach out directly to me via

The program will have 1h bi-weekly live training sessions and 1h bi-weekly Q&A sessions. Plus you will be provided with the workbook every second week. You will have to spend some time reflecting on the tasks and incorporating them into your daily life. 

You can never be sure if you do not try. And I am sure you can. That´s why I am here. You can also book free 30 min session with me so I can answer all your questions. Link for free session is below the payment options on this page. 

If you buy a group program you will have 1 private session (if you book one of the first 10 people by the given deadline) and 12 group coaching calls. You can always buy more 1:1 if you feel you need it. You will get a discounted price for it.

If you choose VIP track, you will have 6 private sessions with me and everything mentioned above. 

It is up to you. You will get everything you need to change your work-life balance. But it is up to you how much of it you will implement.

I do not promise the monetary reward of investing in this coaching program. 

Yes, of course! I would love to chat. Please fill in a discovery call questionnaire or book 30 min FREE discovery call right away by clicking the link above on this page.

You can cancel the 1:1 coaching call 24 hours before the session and get a 50% refund. If you cancel earlier you get 100%. If you cancel later than 24 hours, you get a 0% refund. You can always reschedule 24 hours in advance. 

You can cancel the group coaching program after 2 sessions and get a 50% back. After more than 2 sessions, no refund.   

There are no guarantees given for the results. If you do the work – you get the results, but you have to do the work.