“Never too late” or “Don´t die with your music still inside you”

If you can answer “yes” to one of the below questions, then this blog post is for you, my dear reader.

Have you had a childhood dream you gave up?
Do you feel too old to pursue it now?
Are you afraid, if you try to go after your dream, you will be bullied by someone, because of a lack of skills or some other reason?
Do you still secretly wish you did it go after what you want?

I had a dream about becoming a dancer. The one that goes to different competitions, presents her country, steps onto the biggest stages, and lives her passion.

Let me tell you a story not about the gold medal, but about the journey to the stage, which took me 30 years. Let me tell you the story with a happy ending. How many of those are you reading lately? But this one is brilliant, heartwarming, inspiring, and hopefully will leave you with the motivation to pursue your dreams.

You see, I grew up in a tiny village. We had no other schools than the primary one to complete grades 1 to 10 – a village school. In that school, I discovered my love for dancing. I enjoyed it so much that I would walk home from school 3 kilometers every day and perform dance moves. I remember myself dancing under the birch tree. I remember myself taking, probably the only skirt I had, putting it on and ordering my grandma to watch me performing my magic. Well… She did not do a very good job pretending she was watching. She was so much into her passion – knitting, that paying attention to her granddaughter moving strangely did not impress her.

That time I did not think too much about what I cannot do. I did not sit and felt sad, that I cannot go to the dance school. I knew I cannot. I knew I do not have that privilege. But it did not stop me from dancing. I danced through every single year at school. It did not stop me from loving dance. You see, you do not need a dance school to dance. You need legs! And I am grateful for them every day of my life.

Years passed and I concentrated on studies and put dancing aside. But then in 2008, I moved to Denmark. I started earning my own money and could decide where to spend them. I was surrounded by dance schools and started dancing different dances. But still, something was missing… I did not dance THE dance. In 2019 I was so lucky to get a dance partner to finally start living my dream and dancing ballroom and two years after winning the Danish championship (talent level, U35). What did it take to fulfill my dream you might ask? Courage I would say. Courage to be vulnerable. Courage to love yourself. Courage to show up for the little version of you, that was dancing under the birch tree 30 years ago.

It takes courage to be the worst in the class. When I started dancing, every other couple was so much better than I was. I had to stand in front of them and dance the dances I have never tried before. Ever! But there is the flip side of it as well. Being the worst in the class means, you can learn from the best. You can learn so much from the feedback you get, from the moves you observe. I will not deny, that sometimes I felt uncomfortable, because I knew every step I take is wrong. But if I do not take that step, I will never learn. So let me fail all the steps in that dance and try again after you correct me. So let me watch you because you are better than me and let me learn from you. I have nothing to lose, only gain. That was and still is my attitude.

I feel privileged, blessed, lucky, to be able to do this at the age of 35. I know that I will not be a superstar presenting my country. But what is my second best alternative? This! Exactly this, is what I am doing now.

For some people, this might sound like nothing extraordinary, but it is for me. Once I did not even dare to dream about the life I have now… And if you are a girl with a dream, but no possibility now to have it, wait. We always get what we really really want. You will get there. Trust me. Or call me and I will support you.

When I dance, I feel that I am in my element. I feel like a fish must feel in a sea, like a bird must feel in the sky, like a baby must feel in mother’s arms.

So if you have a dream, my advice is – Do not die with your music still inside you as Dr. Wayne W. Dyer would say. Go out there and play your music. Do your magic. Live to the foolest. It is worth it.

Dance your dance.

With love,

A dancer.



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