66 days of 5 a.m. club and why I´m not doing it again

You have probably heard of the famous book “5 a.m. club’” by Robin Sharma. If not, just google it, it will come up on top of Google search and if you are into personal development take time to read it, you will pick up some good lines.

And if you do not want to read it, you can just read my blog post and experiences while doing the 5 a.m. club challenge for 66 days. Of course, better read a book, because my experience won´t necessarily be your experience, like with most things in life. For example, I lived in Gran Canaria for 5 months and I did not like it… and someone else I know loved it. So you see, we all are different… But still, you might find my experience relevant, interesting, and maybe even learn a thing or two about yourself while peaking into my personal experience.

So it all started on the first of September 2020. I picked that day as it was usually the first day of school when I was little and it was also Corona times so I was working from home and could plan my day as I wished as long as I work from 8.00 a.m. to 16.00 p.m. And when I have a lot of time I come up with many crazy ideas.

How did I hear about the 5 a.m. club?

If you follow me for some time now, you know I love books and personal development. I also suffer from DOERS syndrome. I just named it like that right now:)

You know when you feel good and worthy when you always do something? I´m working on that, but still, I have a long way to go. So two years ago I was very much in doing mode and always improving. Improving meant doing something new, pushing myself to be more, achieve more, and try more. And in many places on the internet, you could read that if you want to be more, achieve more, try more, you have to wake up VERY early. So guess what? I just did that. By the way, I will let you on a little secret — I´m easily convinced:)

So hearing about all the great things about waking up early and the book being like a hit that time I started reading it. Because why not? I try to be open to everything, that could help me to achieve what I want in life.

Why did I do the 5 a.m Club?

My main reason for this challenge was to learn to wake up early and have a slow start to the day. Because I´m not a morning person. My work starts at 8 and I wake up at 7.55 to turn my pc on and work the first hour from bed with a cup of coffee. And I wanted to change that as it did not feel good to rush in the morning, to not being able to turn the camera on some mornings as I was still in my pajamas. You know the drill right?:)

My second reason was, that I wanted to start building my coaching business, so I needed extra time to work on it. I was tired after the workday to sit in front of pc and create plans, be innovative, write content, and show up as the best version of me. So I had to carve time earlier in the day when my mind was still fresh.

And of course, I wanted to try to do what those very successful people claim to do. Because I want to create my own success too.

What did my day look like?

As the book suggests, I had a Power Hour in the morning. 20 min of exercise, a cold shower, and a glass of water. 20 min of meditation, reading, or podcast and 20 min planning the day. From 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. I was working on my coaching business. From 7 a.m. to 7.30 a.m. reading and the last 30 min of my morning I was replying to personal emails and messages. From 8 to 16 I worked for the company I am hired at and then by 5 p.m. I was usually done with all the things I had planned for the day. So in the evenings, I could do whatever I wanted to without feeling guilty that I am wasting my time. Usually, I would go to bed at 8 p.m. as I love sleeping and need it to function as a human being and not fire breathing dragon.

The advantages of the 5 a.m. club:

It is a really great way to create more time in a day. I have done so much during these 66 days. I finish my coaching education, started my own business and improved a lot as a person and a coach. I was never in a rush. I always had time for things I needed and wanted to do. I never felt in a hurry. I had time to slow down, experience small pleasures in life, and even stop and talk to my flowers. I had more than enough time and I loved the stillness and the easy start of the day.
I also felt I had more energy and my confidence increased. But it was not all easy…

The hard things of doing 5 a.m.:

It takes a lot of planning and discipline to do 5 a.m. For example, weekends out with friends are no go, late date nights — no go, bad night of sleep messes up the next day. My first 22 days were fine, it was not too hard to wake up and it felt good. But the next 22 days and the last 22 days were like a little hell… I felt so tired and could not focus in the mornings as all I wanted was a nap in a daytime. It did not get easier the more days I woke up, but harder. I also noticed, that still I am most creative in the afternoons. In the mornings I am productive, but not creative. I like to write in the evenings. This is when I feel most inspired.

So to wake up at 5 a.m. was painful… now just the thought of it makes me sleepy 🙂

If you live with your partner or kids or have friends to hang out with, please let me know how you do it? If you done the 5 am club or are doing it?

For me, it was too much effort and in the long run, it did not justify the effort. I am all for waking up early if you have a goal to reach, then yes. Do it! Maybe plan 21 days of waking up at 5 and working on that specific goal. You can also skip weekends if that is too much.

If you will ask me if waking up early is beneficial? Absolutely yes. Absolutely. But for me 5 am is too difficult and ROI is not worth it.

I will be happy waking up just 1 hour before the workday starts. To do priming exercises, have a cup of coffee while reading a chapter of a good book, and set an intention for the day.

That is what I am working on right now.

If you want more details of my 5 am club challenge, you can follow me on Instagram and read posts from 2020. I have documented every single day. That´s how much time I had 🙂

I know never say never, but for sure not any time soon I am waking up at 5 voluntarily unless it is traveling to some exotic country.

And no, a new habit did not form in 66 days, not at all. I slept like a grizzly bear in the winter after those 66 days 🙂

Irma Valantinaite

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