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Be pretty, they said. I heard this sentence so many times whilst growing up. I remember standing on a school bus when I was ten years old and hearing someone talking about me and saying that I will be a pretty girl when I grow up. I also remember as clear as the day is today, my grandmother always pointing out how pretty I am and that other people think the same. All I heard from my grandmother about me and other people were either they are pretty or not. It was so much attention put on how you look. My grandmother even voted for the people who look better. And I would look pretty only if I would wear what my grandmother thought was pretty. If she didn´t approve of it, then she told me not to walk in my village because what will people think. And what people thought, was very important. 



I would like to start this blog post by quoting Tony Robbins. I am not sure he was the first to use it, but I heard it from him: Where focus goes, energy flows. What we focus on expands.  

I believe that to be productive, we need to be laser-focused on what we want. And what we want, not what someone else wants from us. When we work towards our goal it is easier to focus, than when we work on someone else’s goal. 


Many times our focus is on the wrong things. We often focus on how busy we are, how much time we lack, how much we still have to do, and how little time to do it. We focus on the endless to do list, we focus on not having time, we focus on tomorrow. We allow ourselves to be distracted every 6 minutes on average every day by our phones. We allow ourselves to be distracted by coworkers, family members, people who we even don´t like. We allow ourselves to be distracted because what we do does not interest us. Because we come to start the task with the belief that this is just boring. Sometimes we have to do boring stuff. Sometimes we have to do things we don´t feel like doing. How to stay focused then? Change the way you think about the task. Focus on what you can learn from it, reward yourself after finishing the not so pleasant task. 



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Have you ever traveled alone? Did you like it? Where did you go? What did you see? Why did you decide to travel alone?


I love traveling alone. I love freedom and independence. I enjoy being my boss and deciding when I want to do what. I enjoy looking at the waves as long as I want to. I enjoy walking as far as I want to. I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends on my trips. 

I love knowing about other cultures and having a chat
with passers-by. On the other hand, at home, I hate small talk. I try to avoid
it by all means. But on vacation, I love to go to places to eat, to experience
things, and meet new people. Maybe because mostly all people on vacations are
happy. And I enjoy being surrounded by happy people. 


It is a warm autumn evening and only a few hours until the next flight. I am sitting next to the window in the waiting lounge of Billund airport and enjoying the sunrise over the landing planes. I am in the environment, which breath the travel. It is a perfect place to tell you about my adventures on my first long road trip through Europe and what lessons I have learned along the way.

It is just a week ago thatwe came back from the roads of Italy (my boyfriend and I), but I need to hurry up to write it all down as soon it will be just a distant memory. That´s life… I will build new memories, my focus will be caught by the tasks of daily life, but I do not want to forget these small but important lessons, reminders, that I have collected during the trip.
On the road, I decided that I should always carry a notebook with me as you never know where and when the great idea or lesson will appear from nowhere. And I had few of them on the road. I used my iPhone to note it all down, but I prefer pen and paper. It just has some magic in it. So while writing this blog post I will be scrolling my phone for already in a way distant memories, events, messages, as well as my pictures library, to be sure I remember what I wanted to share with you the most.

Road trip lessons…


Life Coaching…



For some years now I have been in the coaching community. And lately, I noticed a tendency of making a coach look like someone who is just after someone’s money. Someone who has been to 5 hours course and pretends to know it all. Someone who wanted to be a psychologist but did not make it. Coaches are popping everywhere like mushrooms after the rain and you think, why on earth would I invest in one? 


This article is not about the “mushrooms after the rain”, but about the coaches that did the work, spent the hours, read the books, tried the exercises, implemented teachings in their life and made it happen for them, so now they want to share it with the world in hope that someone´s life will be better because of their knowledge and experiences. 



At least this is what I was and am aiming for when working as a Life-design Coach. My mission is to Positively Impact Your life, by sharing my knowledge, wisdom, personal experiences, and transformations. 




I have an addiction, a healthy one – I think. The one that the more you do it the more you want to do it, which keeps you away from completing other tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, calling friends, watching a movie. The addiction, which can be a little bit pricey or not at all – depends on how you want to get what you need to satisfy yourself.

I am addicted to BOOKS. I LOVE reading. I enjoy every page I touch. That feeling of finishing the book and having to select a new one. It is like a fresh breath of air. It is exciting and uplifting. Those who love reading will understand exactly what I am writing about.

I am so happy I was born in a time of no phones, computers, and other screens. Otherwise, I might have not found the exciting world of books.

So where did my affair with the books begin? Or better – when?

Love for books…

Clarity Matters…



I would like to start this blog post by telling you, that I was inspired to write it by my dad… And probably not in the way you think. Most of us when we read something like that, imagine our dads like role models, someone we look up to, someone we want to be like, someone superhero-like. But this is not the case. It is quite the opposite. The last time I talked to my dad he expressed himself that his life is one big mistake, that he regrets the things he did and the things he did not do. I know this came out in the time he was down, but I felt so sad and was thinking how can I prevent that from happening to my life. I do not want to wake up one day and regret my life or feel like it was a mistake…

“Never too late” or “Don´t die with your music still inside you”

Love for dancing…

66 days…


66 days of 5 a.m. club and why I´m not doing it again

You have probably heard of the famous book “5 a.m. club’” by Robin Sharma. If not, just google it, it will come up on top of Google search and if you are into personal development take time to read it, you will pick up some good lines.

And if you do not want to read it, you can just read my blog post and experiences while doing the 5 a.m. club challenge for 66 days. Of course, better read a book, because my experience won´t necessarily be your experience, like with most things in life. For example, I lived in Gran Canaria for 5 months and I did not like it… and someone else I know loved it. So you see, we all are different… But still, you might find my experience relevant, interesting, and maybe even learn a thing or two about yourself while peaking into my personal experience.

My secret to running a marathon or doing anything (almost) my mind comes up with

In 2018 I decided that I will run a marathon. And in 2019 I did it. How did I go from an idea to the result and one more check mark in my GOALS BOOK? And maybe more importantly — why did I do that?

My secret to running a marathon…



Lessons learned through 1300 km bike ride to Paris: I felt alive and privileged

This July, I embarked on the bicycle journey from Denmark to Paris. The reason I did that is, that I am goal-oriented, and always looking for ways to challenge myself, defeat my limitations, do something I think I can´t, and just try new things to feel fully alive.