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My Focus

My speeches are designed for ambitious individuals who wants

 to achieve success and fulfillment 

in their personal and professional lives while building their authentic selves.

Meet Irma,

With a diverse career background, many challenges, and wins during her life in Lithuanian suburb, Australian multimillion city, Danish town and Gran Canarias’ beaches, Irma has been taking many opportunities from the world since she was born.

Her ability to stay positive, to see good in many people and situations, to try over and over again, really gets you thinking. Irma´s workshops and speeches are designed to make your audience wonder, reflect, act and leave the room with new ideas.

Smart, charismatic, and upbeat personality, Irma will make sure your audience walks away inspired, motivated, and ready to take action. Whether you have a small workshop, an intimate women´s retreat, or corporate event, every opportunity to share is a special one and gets Irma´s full attention.

I know this one thing for sure, the right speaker can make or break your arrangement. 

Speaker´s attitude, preparedness, experience, and passion have to be in alignment with your vision for the event. 

My goals for every event are two.

Goal 1

I intend to bring my best self to your stage – to deliver value and help your audience to shift their mindset. I create “aha” moments by delivering inspiring, entertaining, and engaging speeches.

Goal 2

I make you look good as the event planner. I´m feeling blessed and honored that you´re inviting me to take your stage. It is my goal to validate your trust in me, so you can´t wait to have me back.  

What you can expect from me

I always commit to the following:


After the booking is confirmed, I will collect as much information

about your event and goals as possible, so the speech I will be

delivering will have a positive impact on your audience.

If you can speak, you can influence. 

If you can influence, you can change lives.  

 – Rob Brown 2013

My Topics

(goals, purpose, fulfilment, alignment, IT world)

  • How to uncover your fulfilling career
  • Career Mindset 
  • Limiting beliefs about career
  • IT world for not IT people
  • SAFe transformation from scratch 
  • Project management, project delivery and support organisation
  • Values and why they matter at work
  • Work-life balance

Productivity + Time Management
(at work and personal life)

  • Become Indistractable
  • Timebox
  • Set goals
  • Reward yourself
  • Focus and choices
  • Life roles
  • Time Matrix
  • Decisions
  • Energy

Women + Business

  • Money mindset
  • The 7 Habits of successful women according to Irma
  • What are you called to do
  • Be a friend – not a competitor


  • Overcome your fears
  • Stop negative self-talk
  • Destroy limiting beliefs
  • Be smarter than your brains

Self love

  • Become your best friend and raving fan
  • Build confidence
  • Set boundaries
  • Raise standards

Other topics I can customize
(goal setting, life planning, rewriting your life story)

  • Owning your story and branding yourself
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Get clear on your vision
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Living in here and now
  • Wellbeing
  • Living in a foreign country and making it work
  • Managing private economy
  • Setting up a coaching business
  • Break free from negative patterns
  • Embracing failure and negative feedback
  • Change

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