School of Me

A 6-Month Live Personal Development Coaching Program

to help you to become your most FAVORITE person

Get clear on what your values, believes, wants and needs are. Uncover what is holding you back from defining and reaching your life goals and dreams, so that you can build your most amazing future while becoming your most FAVORITE person.

It´s not easy, is it?

You try and try, but somehow cannot get out or move on, or reach that goal, that you set for yourself two or more years ago.


You keep loving others more than yourself, you keep giving more than receiving, and you keep staying in your comfort zone because of many fears, low confidence, and deeply rooted limiting beliefs. Or you just can´t figure it out.


If you are reading this, I guess that you know you cannot do it alone, you need help and guidance, you need expert support to get to the other side of your fears, self-doubt and become your most FAVORITE person. 


I am so happy you found me, because the chance is, that I have been there where you are now.


It´s YOUR TIME to – break unhealthy patterns, build confidence, get clear on your vision and steps on how to get there. 

Get clear on your goals, your musts and values, and start seeing the world full of opportunities. Become your most FAVORITE person.


Are you ready for the journey that will shift your life
to be more successful, fulfilled, peaceful, and happy?

Are you ready?

To learn:

To feel:

To act:

Create a life that is fulfilling for you

Your life should be as you want it to be.

It´s time to create a life that you would be proud of, a life that would be thrilling, exciting, full of positive emotions.

Together we will work on getting clear on your goals, life vision, and blockers that prevent you from getting there. You will receive tools, so after we complete the coaching process, you can become your private coach.

Think of me as a friend who wants the best for you. Think of me as an older sister, who went through something you are going through and now is on the other side. Think of me as a teacher, who learned by doing and now can´t wait to share her knowledge. Think of me as that one person you missed in the journey to a better life. I don’t just talk about what has happened or is happening or will happen. I listen. I listen to all that you have to say and all that you do not want to say. I teach, I provide tools, I share tips and tricks. I´m behind you every step of the way.

Together we are stronger than on our own

Depending on your situation, on your needs, I offer different packages. It can be one session to get clarity for you, or it can be multiple sessions to work together on more intense topics, or it can be a whole coaching program. It is all about you, and we will find the best way forward TOGETHER. 

It´s time to get busy and thrive

You have a huge heart, strong will, big goals, and an amazing mind to succeed.

You don´t want to spend another minute feeling sorry for yourself, or living the life you know is not the life you want to be living. Why waste more weeks, months, years paralyzed by the fear of failure, by the fear of what others would think, and by secretly being jealous of others, who seem to have figured it all out?

Work With me

My job as a coach is to help you to understand your mind, to challenge you in the way you think negative thoughts, and the way you hold on to limiting beliefs. My job is to question and to listen, so during this process, you will find all your answers.

Self-reflection and personal growth journey is hard work, that requires you to be open and to be ready for unpleasant conversations. During private and group coaching, you will learn how to master your mind and how to use it to your advantage. With my mixed strategies of NLP, CBT, Life Coaching, and Mindfulness you will walk away with a new story to tell to yourself and others. My coaching will empower you:

Read more about Irma HERE

My coaching is transformative

 and you have my full attention

We succeed together

This is for you if you want to

Get clear on where you are in life currently

Make a strategy for your future 

Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be

Learn to understand why you think the way you do and how to change negative thought patterns

Gain back control over your life

Set clear goals and learn proven strategies on how to achieve them

Create more joy and success in your life

Build more confidence

Stop procrastinating and get to the action

Accept yourself as a wonderful person that you are

Improve overall quality of your life

Keep learning and growing 

This is not for you if you

Are completely happy with your life, and there is nothing you want to change

Want to stay in your comfort zone

Don´t  want to open up and share your thoughts and feelings

Don´t want to invest your time

Are already great at everything that you do

Have no goals you want to achieve or ambitions you want to set for yourself

Don´t want to improve the quality of your relationships

Want a quick fix

Way to work with me

I want to work with you if you are ready, to be honest about your story, are at the place where you are determined you need to change something in your life, and want to invest time, energy, and take action to thrive in your life.

Now is your chance to make it happen.

By working with me, you will realize that you already have inside of you whatever it takes to shift your mind, heart, and soul to the place in life you want to be. You will learn new techniques and tools to help you to step into your power and claim a happy and fulfilled life.

This is how I work…

The Inner You and Current Life Situation (2 months - 4 sessions + Q&A)

No more hiding from yourself or lying to yourself!

We will go deep and look at different areas of your life to understand your present. We will address your automatic negative thought patterns, your limiting beliefs, values, and fears. We will analyze why you do what you do. We will target your mindset, how you see yourself, and why. Get ready to know yourself better!

Module 1 – Current life situation analysis

Module 2 – Identity – values and beliefs

Module 3 – Mindset and story

Module 4 – Relationships 

Step 2
Creating your Fulfilled Life Vision (2 months - 4 sessions + Q&A)

Creating your fulfilled life vision will teach you how to get clear on your vision and goals, how to break goals down into smaller, achievable tasks. We will have hands-on exercises to set you up for success in different life situations. We will work on the confident, empowering life story. 

Module 5 – Clarity of my future life

Module 6 – Vision and dreams´ creation

Module 7 – Goal setting

Module 8 – Peer group board

Step 3
Closing the Gap (2 months - 4 sessions + Q&A)

Once we have targeted your inner world, set your goals, got clear on your vision and next steps, we will prepare for the time to be your own best friend, your personal therapist. We will make a list of practices you can do to keep up the momentum, motivation when tough gets going because it will. We will work on habits and routines, on productivity and time management, on resilience and mindset. 

Module 9 – The power of habits

Module 10 – Productivity and time management

Module 11 – Strategy – Story – State

Module 12 – Summary and Final Remarks

Plus, I will share with you my story and the strategies I implemented that helped me to get where I am now.  

You´re one step away from thriving in your life.

Are you ready

to love yourself, be your best friend,

build the life you proud of and happy with?

…apply below

Have questions about coaching with Irma? Feel free to contact me at or book FREE 30 minutes discovery call to chat. I promise, it is worth your time.

What do you get from coaching?





Self-development tools and strategies

Safe space

Listening ear

Challenging mind

Respect and confidentiality

Certified coach, that cares

Don't be afraid. Be focused.
Be determined. Be hopeful.

Be empowered.

-Michelle Obama-

Click the button below to apply to work with me,

and become all of the above! 

P.S. Only 8 VIP spots are available.

School of Me Coaching Program

987 EUROS* for group coaching

– 2 Hour Intensive 1:1 session
– 2 Group Coaching Calls per month (average 1 hour per call)
– 12 Q&A Sessions (average 1 hour per call)
– Workbook with tasks for each module
– Possibility to upgrade to VIP
– 1 Done For You Service (depending on the need)**
-Facebook community of like minded people

*if you have questions before booking, click “Apply now” to go to the application form, if you are all set and ready, click on the below payment options

**done for you service is something tangible you receive or the review of some of your work.

School of Me Coaching Program

1897 EUROS* for 1:1 coaching
VIP Track

– 2 Hour Intensive 1:1 session
– 2 Private + 2 Group Coaching Calls per month (average 1 hour per call)
– Customized workbook with tasks for each module
– WhatsApp support between sessions
– 1 Done For You Service (depending on the need)**
-Facebook community of like minded people
– 20% of “Uncover Your Fulfilling Future Career” coaching program

*if you have questions before booking, click “Apply now” to go to the application form, if you are all set and ready, click on the below payment options

**done for you service is something tangible you receive or the review of some of your work.

Choose from three payment options:

Payment Option 1

Group Coaching

987 euros 

Payment Option 2

Group Coaching

3*367 euros 

Payment Option 3

1:1 Coaching 

1897 euros

After you complete the payment for 1:1 coaching, Irma will reach out to you directly to schedule the sessions.

Have questions about payment options? I offer flexible payment. 
Feel free to contact me at or book FREE 30 minutes discovery call to chat. I promise, it is worth your time.

School of Me Discovery Call


30 minutes session

It doesn´t matter what your background is or where you came from. If you have dreams and goals, that´s all that matters.

– Serena Williams-


Have Questions?

Here are the answers…

It is both. You can buy group coaching or VIP track. VIP track is 1:1. 

You will be working directly with me and there will be no other people if it is 1:1. But you are welcome to join my Facebook groups where all my clients and fans are. It is a very nice community of like-minded people.


If you decide to join a group program, then we will be more than 1 person. But of course, everything is confidential. 

Yes, you can. You can book as many sessions as you feel you need.

Yes, you will. It is your time, and your life, you decide how you manage your time. The more time you invest in yourself and all the activities, that we will do, the better the results.

You can never be sure if you do not try. And I am sure you can. That´s why I am here.

If you buy a group program you will have 1 private 2-hour session and 12 group coaching calls. You can always buy more 1:1 if you feel you need it. You will get a discounted price for it.

If you choose VIP track, you will have all private sessions with me, no other people. 

It is up to you. You will get everything you need to change your life. But it is up to you how much of it you will implement.

I do not promise the monetary reward of investing in the personal development program.

Yes, of course! I would love to chat. Please fill in a discovery call questionnaire or book 30 min FREE discovery call right away by clicking the link above on this page.

You can cancel the 1:1 coaching call 48 hours before the session and get a 50% refund. If you cancel earlier you get 100%. If you cancel later than 48 hours, you get a 0% refund. You can always reschedule 48 hours in advance. 

You can cancel the 1:1 90 days coaching program 2 weeks before the first session and get a 90% back. 

You can cancel the 1:1 90 days coaching program after 2 sessions and get a 50% back. After more than 2 sessions, no refund.