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30 th October - 3 rd November

Create a Sustainable Work-Life Balance


You have seen others having it all: time, money, energy, free time hobbies, and you wonder how? 

Now, it is time to create balance in your personal and professional life too. 

Because if I could, you can as well. 


You are not on this planet to just work, you are here to enjoy what you do within your working hours and outside of them. 

You should be as excited to go to work as after work to come home. 

Are you:

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Create a Sustainable Work-Life Balance That Lasts 5-Day Livestream series! 30 th October - 3 rd November

Meet your coach Irma

Irma Valantinaite is an ambitious woman, with a strong mind and a will to succeed.

She holds a Bachelor´s Degree in International Sales and Marketing Management and a Master´s Degree in Business, Language and Culture with a specialization in International Sales Management. On top of that, Irma has a lot of knowledge from the hundreds of books she has read, seminars, and webinars that she participated in, as well as real life experiences.

She is a champion in career growth. Irma has progressed from picking strawberries on a farm, cleaning offices for many years while studying, working in a warehouse and teaching dance classes, to being IT and People Manager in an international company, to building her coaching practice.

She is an ambassador of the I-CAN-DO attitude. She is passionate about personal and professional development and is positively impacting her clients’ lives by helping them to enjoy their work, be good at it, and create space and energy to enjoy life. She has done so much in her career, but that is not all. She also managed to do a lot in her personal life (running a marathon, cycling all the way to Paris, winning dance competitions, finishing studies while working, and so much more.)

In her 10 years of corporate career, she kept hearing how people are overworking, constantly being tired, busy, exhausted, and never having time just to chill. But she always had time: to do the work and achieve her personal goals at the same time without being exhausted or stressed. 

So she decided to share her tricks and tips, knowledge and information in a hope that other corporate employees/busy individuals will benefit from it and will have a more balanced life. 

And this is how this program was born. From a wish to help others to have a better life and enjoy it during and after working hours. To help others to have a life bigger than just work. 

This is how my balanced personal and professional life looks like

Running my coaching business.

Working full time at Arla Foods as IT and People Manager.

Dancing standard dances at the professional level.

Spending time cycling and doing other exercises.

Participating in seminars, webinars, and coaching camps. 

Spending time reading and educating myself.

Spending time with loved ones. 

Traveling the world.

…yours can too…

There are 24 hours in a day: 8 for sleep, 8 for work, and 8 for personal life. Create a sustainable balance between all those three areas and witness your life improving.

What´s Included:

Create Sustainable Work-Life Balance that Lasts Step-by-step Workbook

5 Live Video Lessons in a closed Facebook Group

Day 1 – Introduction to 5 days and uncovering your limiting beliefs about time and work

Day 2 – Learn to increase your energy levels

Day 3 – Improve your stress management skills

Day 4 – Learn new task planning and time management tools – part 1

Day 5 – Learn new task planning and time management tools – part 2

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