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For ambitious women like you who wants to achieve success and fulfillment 

in their personal and professional lives while building their authentic selves.


Working together we become happier and more fulfilled. 


In my work I focus on our inner world and the most powerful relationship we can ever have

– the relationship with ourselves.


My works core mission is to 

positively impact your life and help you to become

 your most FAVORITE person.

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Hi, I´m Irma.

Lifestyle, Success, and Fulfillment Coach, a Stubborn Overachiever, Personal Development Enthusiast, helping you not only dream but become your most favorite person.

For me, I am a Lithuanian girl settled in Denmark, an ambitious individual, who has a colorful story to tell.

I believe that life is beautiful, taking a decision is liberating, and loving yourself first isn´t a bad thing to do.

Everything I do is with the intention to create a life worth living, to inspire you to believe that you are worthy of success and a fulfilled life, whatever that means for you. I trust that we can achieve more together than on our own. Everything I share is to serve and help you to become the person you know you can be, and to create the life on your terms.

Welcome to my cozy life, my education space, my past, and my future. To the start of our collaboration.

Welcome to the world of support, positivity, inspiration, knowledge, and change.

I believe we already have inside of us everything

we need to be brave, ambitious, creative, resilient, kind, and happy.


By owning and sharing our authentic stories,

we not only inspire others to rise,

but we become lighthouses and hope

for women who feel trapped, confused, and helpless. 

Irma Valantinaite

Hello Beautiful…

Do you feel stuck in old patterns, frustrated, or stressed?

Are you ready to get clear on who you are and who you want to become?

You know you aren´t 100% satisfied with the life you have. 

You know there must be more out there for you. 

You know you deserve to feel better. 

The time has come to change the way you think, feel, and see yourself. 

The time has come to become your most FAVORITE person. 


I have been you some time ago…

Let me tell you my story…

If you had met me 5 to 10 years ago, you would have probably found me in bed crying and feeling sorry for myself. If you had met me 10 to 15 years ago, you would be even more confused about who this girl is. 

I was afraid of so many things: of a new school, of being left, of being hurt, of trying new things, of not being good enough, not smart enough, not skinny enough. Just not enough. 

I liked my comfort zone, even though I didn´t feel safe in it either. I was closed-minded about everything and everyone. I knew so little but thought I knew it all. My whole world was school, parents, home, homework. I was a good kid. But I never knew what I wanted. I never had a vision, a clear vision for my life.

On the other hand, I knew what I didn´t want. As hard as it might sound, I never wanted to have the life my parents had. If it had been down to them, my happy life would have ended in the village with ten houses, a husband named Algis, a few cows and sheep, and maybe a job as a primary school teacher. 

Now, there is nothing wrong with a little village (I am still not a fan of a city) or a man named Algis. There is nothing wrong with a few cows or a sheep. It just did not feel right for me. It wasn´t my happy life. I didn´t want a cow, or sheep, or chickens. And I didn´t want Algis, or Peter, or Thom, or whomever my parents liked. I just needed to figure out what I want.

So I moved to Denmark. As clichéd as it can get – for a guy. And happy ever after didn´t happen. I ended up in a mentally abusive relationship that broke me into a million pieces. I stayed in it for almost a decade. I lost myself, my sense of self-worth, my sense of who I am, who I can be, what I can achieve.  I didn´t like myself at all… One day I had to leave this relationship, and at that time, it looked like the worst thing in my life, but it turned out to be the best. Over the next five years, I healed myself, transformed my life, and became my most FAVORITE person.

The truth is, I never want to feel this way again. And I don´t want any girl to feel this way either. We all deserve to be our most FAVORITE person.


As for me…

I don´t want to be with someone who doesn´t make me happy.
So I don´t!

I don´t want to spend 8 hours at work, which I hate.
So I don´t!

I don´t want to settle for anything less than I can be.
So I don´t!

And I never want to feel like I´m not enough, not for myself and not for anyone else.

Because I am  WORTHY, and so are you.

I can tell you that it wasn´t easy. 

It wasn´t easy to work on myself every day, to push myself forward, to continue when I felt like there was no point. 

It wasn´t easy when you are a young girl from a small Lithuanian village in a big city in Denmark.

It wasn´t easy when you have the baggage of childhood traumas weighing you down sometimes.

It is even harder when you collect more traumatic experiences during your later years.


I knew there had to be a way to fall in love with myself, to get a career I dream of, to create a happy life for myself, and inspire others with the endless opportunities!


So I started my transformation journey.
I discovered how I want my life to be and how I want to feel in my skin. I wanted to become my most FAVORITE person.


I went from:

  • Scared to feeling the fear to doing it anyway;
  • No self-respect to self-love;
  • Cleaning lady and strawberry picker to IT manager in an international company to building my own coaching business;
  • Stuck in my comfort zone to move to study in Australia all by myself;
  • Self-doubt and limiting beliefs to taking control of my life;
  • An unhealthy relationship to a fulfilling one;
  • Running 5 km to running a marathon and cycling all the way to Paris (1400km);
  • and the list could go on and on and on.


I am continuing my journey to self-love, personal, and professional growth.


I believe this is a journey that never ends.


My point is… And I do have one… 

Everything is in your hands. 

You have all that it takes to become your most FAVORITE person.

I have moved countries five times all by myself, took care of myself financially, completed a MBA in a foreign language, got a new citizenship, bought a brand new apartment on a lakeshore, ran a marathon, and found love in the middle of all this! And all this was possible because I fell in love with myself first.

I know that all this is possible for you if you are willing to invest time, and energy, to get clarity on your goals, get support, and then take massive action! Let me be your lighthouse.

How do you want your life to be?
Who do you want to become?

Let´s make it happen!

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